On Brogues and the theory of everything


Well, finally a new post as promised, and it covers the title and my relationship with ideas of fashion and style in a short sharp and salacious fashion.  As it suggests, I am very fond of a nice pair of brogues. To me they are as smart and elegant as the shoe gets, in black, brown or other colours such in my case blue., they just tick my sartorial boxes.

So then, you’re probably saying “Yes, that’s all very nice, but what of this relationship with fashion and style?” and “Just let me go you oddball, put down the kettle and there’ll be no trouble”, but anyway let us continue.  This feel of smartness ties in with my

wardrobe choices – usually a shirt, tie and smart jacket/trousers – wool, tweed or other fabrics – especially if I can get away with it a tweed jacket, because TWEED, but more on that in the future.  Really, to run the risk of repetition, I try to operate by the rule of ‘always dress as if you may be invited to dinner in smart company’ and also would such an outfit repel armed woodland creatures? Well, oh alright, not that second one then.

This somehow, mainly because I say so, ties in to my theory of everything.  involving books and beer and other stuff, that whatever it is, it should interest you, grip you, amuse you, or make you feel good about yourself and your image and suchlike, and involve a nice pair or brogues.







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