Golden Pints 2016

So, 2016 a year of good beer, good pubs and good people. Thus, as best I can remember, these are my 2016 Golden Pint nominations…

Best Cask Beer: Redemption Trinity – could’ve drunk all afternoon – the perfect session cask beer.

Best Keg: Gloucester Brewery Session IPA: Pale, hoppy and bitter, the glorious trifecta for beery purposes.

Best bottled beer: Five Points Brewing Co Hook Island Red: All red, hoppy and sticky, maybe my favourite all round beer. gorgeous stuff.

Best Canned Beer: Five Points IPA – a classic of the style and just hits the spot for me, so there.

Best foreign beer: From my New York sojourn I can report that there is much fine American beer out there and more at session strength, so my pick was Solemn Oath Power Sax session IPA – yes another session IPA, but that’s a favourite style of mine at the moment, so there, suck it Willis.

Best Bar/Pub/Orangutan in a jaunty titfer – UK: The Pelican Inn Gloucester – my de facto local pub, all Wye Valley cask ales + guests, friendly, minimal music – no food but otherwise a perfect spot.

Foreign: Of the the NYC bars I popped into, my favourite in part because I did it with Rick Freeman (@rwfreeman) was Valhalla. Runner up, Pony Bar Hells Kitchen.

Best Brewery: Gloucester Brewery – they’re local, good beer and pub and importantly for me, strong in being LGBTQ+ friendly, so harrumble indeed.

Retail : Best supermarket : M&S still ahead of the game just, best indie – Favourite Beers in Cheltenham and best online – Beerritz for me.

Best beer blog/website -dual winners, the fascinating mixture of historical note and current analysis/quirky tastings that is the wonderful Boak and Bailey, and the more journalistic story focus that is the all rounded talented Matt Curtis and occasional chums over at Total Ales.

Best beery twitterer: Matt Curtis almost wins this as well over at @totalcurtis, but for me as for many others I suspect, it’s Dave Bishop @broadfordbrewer/@beerdoodles – a genuine stand up good chap with top mind, great taste in puns and interesting beery thoughts.

2017 : More Black IPAs please – also Marble Dobber. And for me, more trips – another go deeper in London’s beery environs and meet more top beer people

Right, there you are, move along and ta for reading 🙂












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